Holy Spirit has a number of extra curricular options for students.  Below you will find a listing of the extra curricular activities that are available.

AMA - School Patrol

Students in grade 5 are given an opportunity to belong to the School Patrol program.  In grade 4, students are provided with an introduction from AMA and interested students in the fall of grade 5 are able to join.  They receive instruction from the coordinator, Ms. Smith, and from a representative from the AMA.  Students are assigned patrol shifts based on their availability after school to perform patrol duties.  The school provides all of the necessary equipment.  Being a part of the school patrol team is a great way to serve the school and the community.

Coding Club (4-6)

Students in grades four to six are invited to learn about the world of computer programming. Students begin by working their way through tutorials to learn block based programming. Students then engage in a variety of challenges to further learn / test their skills. Finally students create a project using the skills they have learned. Students will be at different levels for the final project, but they are able to create their best project possible. The club is run by Mr. Coles on Tuesday / Friday and runs from November until the end of April.

The club webpages can be found at: https://sites.google.com/a/eics.ab.ca/holy-spirit-coding-club/

School Choir

Students in grades one through four are invited to belong to the school choir. Practices are held during one lunch hour per week.  The choir performs at school assemblies, Masses, Christmas concert, volunteer appreciation as well as any other school events such as farewell, liturgical celebrations during Lent and Advent, and for Remembrance Day.
Each year, there are upwards of 100 students that participate in the choir.  The choir is directed by Mrs. Kimball-Blanchard.