Options/Complementary Courses

Grade 5 Options

Students in grade 5 have the opportunity to develop their skills outisde of the core academic classes.  Students are offered the choice of three fine arts options: Art, Choral Music, and Hand Bells.  Students will take 2 of the 3 over the course of the year.

Students in grade 5 also receive a choice of CTF (Career and Technology Foundations) courses.  This year, students will get the choice of Construction OR Foods.  They will also get the choice of Communication Technology OR Journalism.

These courses will provide a more rounded schooling for students in grade 5 and will allow students to discover more of their passions.

Grade 6 Options

Students in grade 6 also receive choices of certain classes.  Students have th eoption of taking band for the full year.  Those not selecting band will take Art and Choral Music.

Grade 6 students have the privilege of taking Construction AND Foods in grade 6.  This will allow the students to experience both before entering junior high.

Jr. High Course Offerings

Holy Spirit Catholic School offers an unparalleled academic program for your students, guided and lighted by our Catholic faith. Whether your measure be the provincial achievement tests, or satisfaction of students parents and staff, our results speak for themselves.
While we consider the academic and faith growth of students to be our primary purpose, we recognize the importance of complementary programs to the overall growth of students. We therefore are pleased to offer a full gamut of complementary courses to our grade 7 and 8 students.

Below is the list of options available. They are broken down into the option blocks that we offer.  Also indicated is the cost of each course.


Option Block 7-1

French: Students will engage in various language activities, grammar and tasks. Students are encouraged to work on their oral French, and given practical training in understanding and being understood. This program prepares students for High School French. This is a full year course – if students select French, this will be the only option taken in this block.

Robotics: This is an introductory robotics course.  Students use the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system to build robots and program basic robot behaviors using motors and rotations, sound, touch, and ultrasonic sensors.  Students begin the course by first learning basic robot building instructions, programming and movement and then complete different project based challenges like protecting a buried treasure.  Teamwork and collaboration are essential in this option. Course Fee: $30

Design Studies: Students will apply their knowledge of Science and Technology to design various structures/vehicles/rockets etc. with a focus on the skills of project management, creativity, and communication. Course Fee: $25

Leadership: This course is designed for individuals who are interested in developing their leadership skills and working towards a positive school climate. This course combines two major elements: leadership development and activities. You will develop leadership skills through direct participation in the planning, implementing and assessing of a variety of student and staff activities. Also, you will develop skills through teacher-led discussions on topics such as goal setting, communication, decision making, leadership styles and time management. Course Fee: $25

Students not enrolled in French will take 2 of the other 3 options for one semester each.


Option Block 7-2

Athletic Pursuits:The purpose of Athletic Pursuits is to provide students with a challenging, in-depth look into sporting performance. Students will partake in a various range of physical activities in the world of sport. Portions of this class will be taught off-campus in order to maximize students' physical, social, cultural, and emotional potential through sporting endeavors. Course Fee: $350

Band Sectionals: Students will use this time to rehearse "full band" repertoire and complete play tests.  Students will receive small group and individual help to support success in the band program. Students wishing to participate in band will be required to take this course to ensure their musicianship is at a level acceptable for tour in the spring.

Both Athletic Pursuits and Band Sectionals are full year courses – if students select Athletic Pursuits or Band Sectionals, this will be the only option taken in this block.

Outdoor Education: First aid and survival, conservation and preservation, and an in house archery program are highlights of this class. Course Fee: $60

Innovations: Innovations will be a class where students work hands-on to acquire skills and knowledge while trying to solve a problem, create a product or generate a new understanding. Students will be asked to explore interests, passions and skills while making personal connections to possible careers and technologies.  Course Fee: $25

Students not enrolled in Athletic Pursuits or Band will take Outdoor Education and Innovations for one semester each.


Option Block 7-3

Foods: Welcome to the world of Food studies! Work in our top notch kitchen facilities focuses on basic techniques in food preparation, kitchen techniques and basic baking practices. Course Fee: $30

Construction: Woodworking, Screen printing and even Welding await you in our first class Construction Fabrication Lab. Course Fee: $30

Art: This course centers on the organization of visual material through three major components: Drawing, Compositions and Encounters. Students will explore the various aspects through different medium. They will acquire proficiency in how they see, interpret, and make sense of visual stimuli.Course Fee: $30

Sports Performance: Sports Performance provides students who are already involved in sports with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to understand the factors related to performance in sport. By exposing students to both the theoretical and practical nature of sports, students will be expected to demonstrate outcomes in a variety of areas. These include: current training principles, performance evaluation and enhancement, sports injuries and personal development through sports participation. Course Fee: $100

Students will take 2 options out of the 4 for one semester each.


Option Block 7/8

Band: The Junior High Instrumental Music Program is a program designed as a sequential and developmental approach to music instruction within a concert band environment. Course Fee: $100 – there is also an instrument rental charge of $100 if a student requires a rental instrument

This is a full year course – if students select Band, this will be the only option taken in this block.

Forensic Science: This introductory forensic science option will focus on the practices involved in analysing physical evidence found at crime scenes.  Through virtual and hands-on labs, and analysis of fictional crime scenarios, students will learn about forensic tools, technical resources, forming and testing hypotheses, proper data collection, and making responsible conclusions. Areas of exploration will include tool marks and casting, examination of fibers, fingerprinting, DNA and blood typing, among others.  The option will end with a final project where students work together to investigate, collect and analyze evidence from a crime scene.  Teamwork is an important component of this option! Course Fee: $30

Digital Media: Students will learn to use different computer programs and internet apps to enhance visual communication.  A section on Photography will focus on elements of photographic composition with applications in both still shots and video.  The Graphic Design section will have students utilising programs to modify photos and to create graphic designs for various purposes. Course Fee: $25

Drama: The overall goal of drama is to foster a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life by the assumption of dramatic skills. During the half year course, we will focus on individual projects, which build experience and self-confidence, as well as collaborations that allow students to be part of something greater than themselves.Course Fee: $30

Food Ventures: Explore the commercial side of food prep, delivery and sale in this innovative class. The purpose of the class is to introduce students to the food service industry at a very introductory level by preparing simple items for sale to fellow students. All items sold are nut free and gluten free.

Students learn about food safety and sanitation. They also assess advertising and products already on the market.  They plan and organize sales to fellow students, costing a product, preparing order forms and distributing them. Another main part of this course is the students completing a project in which they design, cost and prepare a possible product to sell to others. Course Fee: $30

Construction Ventures: Students will work as a class, using their construction and fabrication skills, to either build to order projects that they have been asked to create or will build projects that can be marketed to the community for sale.  Students will learn business skills as well as hands on skills when taking this class. Course Fee: $30

Students not enrolled in Band will take 2 of the 5 remaining options for one semester each.