School policies

School Policies


Upon entering the building visitors are required to report to the office. During school hours all exterior doors are locked with the exception of the main entrance door.
Only students registered at Holy Spirit Catholic School are allowed on school property or at school sponsored events without prior authorization. Holy Spirit students are encouraged to be courteous to visitors and should provide them with assistance, if requested.

Child Check

Our school operates a child check program each morning and again at noon hour. It is very important for you to phone the school (780-416-9526) to indicate that your child will not be attending or will be late to school on a given day. We will phone the parents of any child who has not been accounted for. By having you phone, it saves our secretary a great deal of time but, more importantly, it allows us to account for each child almost immediately. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Sign In / Sign Out Procedures

If your child arrives late (due to an appointment, etc.) they must sign in at the office. If you need to come to the school to pick up your child for an appointment during the day the parent or supervising adult must come in to the office to sign the child out and then sign them back in when you return to the school.

Bike / Skateboard Safety

Students are reminded not to ride their bikes on the bus pad, as this is very unsafe. Also, we wish to remind all students to observe safety rules when riding their bikes on the road. When we dismiss with Lakeland Ridge School there are many students on their way home at the same time and we all need to observe safe practices with our bikes and skateboards. Thank you.

Administration of Medication

Please be advised that, according to school board policy, we are not allowed to administer any non-prescription drugs to students. We can only administer prescription drugs when you, the parent, have filled in the "Administration of Medication/Medical Treatment to Student Approval Form" and the "Student Focused Medication Management Plan" that are available from our office. In addition if your child suffers from Asthma/Allergies/Diabetes or has a Life-Threatening medical condition there are special forms that must also be completed annually. Please pick these up from the office or call to have them sent home with your child.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress appropriately and modestly for all regular school activities in a manner that is conducive to the atmosphere of a Catholic School (i.e. including but not restricted to clothing with inappropriate writing or graphics, revealing clothing are not acceptable). Students arriving at school dressed inappropriately will be asked to change their clothing. Students are not allowed to wear "wheelie" shoes in the school. While in the school, students are not allowed to wear headgear of any type.

We are a Nut Aware School

As we have a number of students who have severe life-threatening allergies to nut products, we ask all students not to bring nuts, nut products or items that contain nut products to school at any time. Our staff will provide educational programming to our students to educate them regarding other alternative products that may be brought to school. We remind all families that this measure is taken to ensure the safety of our students and we thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

Leaving School Grounds

If a student must leave school during regular class time for medical, dental or other valid reasons:

  • Parents are asked to send a note indicating the time the student needs to leave
  • This note should be shown to the classroom teacher.
  • Parent or guardian must also sign student out at the office.

Elementary students who stay for lunch are not allowed to leave school grounds during the lunch hour. 

Please Note: Students are only permitted within our school and designated playground boundaries. Under no circumstances is a student to leave the building during class time without administration approval

Inclement Weather Policy

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