School Council

School Council

All parents are automatically members of our School Council. Attending the monthly meetings is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with other parents, teachers and administration to identify and support initiatives that benefit our students, as well as stay informed about what is happening in the school.

Stay connected and keep up with the school information on the School Council Social Media on Facebook.

We are excited to introduce our Executive Council Members for 2023-2024:

Chair: Jenelle Potyondi

Vice-Chair: Jason Duniec

Secretary: vacant position

Treasurer: Lee Morrison

Hot Lunch Online Coordinator: Angela Ruiz

Hot Lunch On-Site Coordinator: Michael Clair

Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch Order Website Link: Hot Lunch Order Website

Mabel's Labels

Help keep your kids organized with Mabel’s Labels. Holy Spirit Parent Council is organizing a fundraiser with Mabel’s Labels. Order labels for clothes, school and lunch supplies.

How to place your order and support our Fundraiser

  1. Click link Mabels Labels Fundraiser Link 
  2. Search "Holy Spirit Catholic School (Sherwood Park)"
  3. Click "Let's Get Shopping"
  4. Add items to cart
  5. When ready to submit order, click on your shopping cart. On the right side you will see "THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HOLY SPIRIT CATHOLIC SCHOOL (SHERWOOD PARK)". If you do not see this click on the top right "Support a Fundraiser" and find "Holy Spirit Catholic School (Sherwood Park)".


The meetings for this year are set to take place on Wednesdays of each month. They are subject to change. Please watch for updates.


2023-2024 School Council Meeting Dates:

September 13

October 18

November 29

January 10

February 21

April 3

April 24

May 15

June 5