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School Supplies

School Supplies

For the 2021-2022 school year, you will be required to purchase or supply basic school supplies for your child, including the following: a backpack, gym attire, indoor shoes, a personal use headphone set and one-to-one technology device for grades 4.  Enhancement programming costs such as field trips etc. will be posted to your power school account and due at the end of September.  You will receive an email when fees have been posted. 

Staples is offering special pricing for parents from Elk Island Catholic Schools. You  may choose to get your school supplies from Staples or from another retail store. Note: We encourage our families to refer to the supplies left over that the students have from the previous year that could be used in the upcoming year. 

Staples Letter and Link to Staples. Staples has packages that you can order. 

Please do not order from Staples before July 14, 2021 as the prices will be updated at that time.


PreK/Kindergarten Supplies 

Grade 1 Supplies

Grade 2 Supplies

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Grade 4 Supplies 

Staples School Supplies How to Order and Information Sheet 

One to One Staples Information Letter


One-to-One Initiative

Elk Island Catholic Schools has partnered with Staples in order to make available to you a preferred One to One device that will meet the needs of students as they enter our One to One environment. Please see the Elk Island Catholic Schools and Staples Partnership Document for all of the details on the partnership.